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New 8 Mythic Dungeons in BFA can be explored now!

As the new contents of BFA emerged slowly,some new weapon/gear/trinket and BoE package have already been farmed and received a warm sought after! If some of you guys haven't got the item you want,don't hesitate anymore, click here to get it!  link.defText Also if you need gold to buy something else in game, we can help you!  link.defText

  This time I want to introduce the new 8 Mythic Dungeons to you. (actually there are 10 dungeons in BFA, what i talked is the first opened 8 dungeons) And definitely we prepared this service for you guys to get your best gear in dungeons!    link.defText

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Discord : Bank4dh#9350

Interested in any then send mail to usAnndy

AL done went payment. Thanks :} jade

went pretty smooth, and most importantly, paid fast. 10/10 would recommend zaha

I can say that I'm totally satisfied with transactions we did! A+ choxe123

%100 trusftul seller/dealer. i really recommend him. hakkien