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Warfronts Are Rolling In – Will You Weather the Storm?

Are you ready to Battle for Stromgarde? This new Warfront is the ultimate tug-of-war over control of a key location in the war between the Horde and Alliance.


Warfronts represent large-scale war on the homefront as members of each faction fight for control of a location critical to the war effort between the Horde and Alliance.

Anchored in the real-time strategy (RTS) origins of Warcraft, you play the role of a lieutenant leading the charge on the ground of a massive battle. Together with 19 fellow allied players, you will create an outpost, secure resources, set up supply lines, and train troops to help push forward and assault an enemy stronghold. Unlike Warcraft III, you’ll be fighting in this conflict firsthand rather than commanding from a top-down perspective—putting you on the front lines of a large-scale, 20-player PvE experience.

Once your faction controls the Stromgarde Warfront, you’ll be able to reap the rewards: access to a variety of new outdoor content for your faction in the nearby Arathi Highlands zone.


Arathi Highlands starts off in the hands of the Alliance, with the Horde preparing to launch their assault on Stromgarde to claim Arathi for themselves. But before they can go on the offsensive, the entire Horde faction across the entire game region (e.g. the Americas) will need to come together and provide war contributions to supply their army.

While the Horde prepares to launch their assault during their contribution phase, the Alliance will have access to a variety of new quests in

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