TORGHAST (1Layer-8Layer)--one side or both side

Buying this service, you will get the desired amount of Torghast layers completed. Torghast, Tower of the Damned is a new endgame repeatable Shadowlands instance with dynamic content. It’s the only source of Soul Ash, required for crafting and upgrading new Shadowlands legendaries. It’s just Layers 1-8 and 2 Tower Wings (each has 8 Layers max right now) that are opened.
 ETA: 1-3 days
 Options available:
– Account Sharing or Selfplayed;
– 1x or 2x Tower wings completed;
– Available Layers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8;
Difficulty Requirements Reward
Layer 1 ilvl 100+ 120x Soul Ash
Layer 2 ilvl 140+ 100x Soul Ash
Layer 3 ilvl 155+ 85x Soul Ash
Layer 4 ilvl 160+ 70x Soul Ash
Layer 5 ilvl 170+ 6ox Soul Ash
Layer 6 ilvl 175+ 50x Soul Ash
Layer 7 ilvl 180+ 45x Soul Ash
Layer 8 ilvl 180+ 40x Soul Ash
If your character does not have desired Torghast layer unlocked, you should buy all previous layers first.
– Some Soul Ash (amount depends on the option you choose);
– Chance to get Legendary Power recipes;
– 60 level;
– Torghast unlocked;
– Account sharing (we shall play your account).
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